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Warranty Information

Our warranty covers free of charge defects in workmanship or material present at time of our first delivery.

 Denizard Jewels in not responsible if any work is performed on our jewelry by any other Jewelry company than Denizard.

Our lifetime warranty includes the following;

  • Clean & Polish

  • Resize

  • Precious stones replacement

  • Diamonds replacements

  • Damage due to normal wear & tear

*Minimum cost might be applied*

Before returning your jewelry to Denizard Jewels please call our customer service department at             1 800 940-9815, we will provide a Return authorization number that should be used as a reference before returning any packages to our offices.  Our experts will inspect & determinate the damage on the jewelry providing an estimate & instructions how to return your jewelry. Please make sure a contact number is always provided.

Customer will be responsible for shipping & handling charges.

Denizard is not responsible for damages caused to merchandise by the customer.

Jewelry lost or stolen - Denizard Jewels will replace your jewelry for the same or similar style at a reduced price within 5 years from the original purchase day.

Warranty & Return Services


P.O Box 140062

Howard Beach NY 11414

For security reasons please do NOT use the word Jewelry on any package addressed to our Company.



Jewelry Care

Sterling 925 - Silver is an incredibly precious, shiny and desirable metal. Wearing that special piece of sterling silver jewelry is a joy, except for one small, inevitable thing - tarnish.


Tarnish occurs as a result of silver reacting with Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) in the air. 

The speed at which your sterling silver will tarnish depends on many things, the area that you live (humidity, near pollution etc.) the pH levels of your skin, chemicals you are exposed to, the type of water in your area, how your silver is stored and even the food you eat! 

Copper, which is often used as an alloy in 925 sterling silver, reacts with oxygen too and produces its own tarnish, contributing to the affect. 


The only practical solution is to learn which substances accelerate tarnish and to try and limit the exposure your Silver jewelry has to them.


Sterling silver should avoid contact with the following:

 - Hair dyes

 - Swimming (chlorinated and salt water)

 - Exercise (sweating)

 - Cigarette smoke 

 - Some paints

 - Detergents containing phosphates

 - Body lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, sunscreens, oils

 - Foods including onion, egg yolk, mustard, salt, vinegar, salad dressings and olives


Things like turpentine, nail polish remover (containing acetone), bleach, ammonia and alcohol will not only breakdown the silver in your jewelry, possibly damaging it beyond repair, they may also cause pitting to your gemstones.



Sterling silver is best stored in a cool, dry place (heat and moisture speed up the tarnishing process); preferably in acid-free tissue (not regular tissue paper) or a tarnish resistant cloth. Wrapping pieces separately in a moisture free plastic bag will delay tarnish but make sure the silver does not directly touch the bag. Try adding a piece of white chalk to your storage area. Chalk is an old remedy, reported to prevent tarnish. Silica packs (little sachets commonly found in medicine bottles or with new shoes) can also be placed in your jewelry container to absorb moisture. Once tarnish has occurred, you need to know how to eliminate it without damaging your silver jewelry.



Silver is a soft metal, even mild polishes will cause abrasion with some silver being removed every time you polish.

Clean with soap and water (not detergent), polish with a soft cloth (not tissue) and dry very well. Soap may dull silver but detergents may stain if not rinsed off thoroughly.


Call our customer service department for more information.


Denizard Jewels Inc.

1 800 940-9815

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